Life’s a bitch, and then you die

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

So if ‘life’s a bitch, and then you die,’ you might as well enjoy it while you can.  That doesn’t mean you can live only the way you want, uncaring about others.  No, no, this means, that you enjoy each moment of fun by celebrating and appreciating it. Plus, any moments of sorrow and hurt, let them be your building blocks of strength. Yes, life’s unfair and can give you ‘lemons ‘, that doesn’t mean it can’t be bright, fun, and amazing. You only need to change your perspective to see it from a different angle.

Enjoy what you’re given, and own it.


Parched …

Gloom, bloom, doom.
It’s summer, and everything is in bloom,
But the gray skies strive
To hide the downpour that’ll revive.

Each drop of water is precious,
As it cleanses, moistens the gracious
Ground that mixes water, soil, and deteriorating
Vegetation fuse together and are nourishing ..

To the soil, parched for nutrients,
Only rain gives and inundates
The ground with vitamins
That helps vegetation be man’s lungs,

As the destructive man pollutes,
Decimates and ruins
Farm lands as he turns
Them into bare deserts,

We look upon what we’ve wrought,
Feeling helpless as fishes caught
In a net of our making. As we fought
To reverse our destructive blot.


Publishing Perfectly Flawed, poetry for change

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

I took a risk by publishing my poetry book during covid. That’s when we were under lockdown, and there were no book signings or shows to participate in. The result was no book sales, but I did my message out, and have a good following to show for my work.

A poetry book divided into 3 themes: Relationships, Social/ postcolonial criticism, Self-awareness/ growing.


Twilight’s Darkened Light

The night’s fading darkness
Is illuminated by filaments that glimmers
With piercing reddish hues
Into a horizon of fading darkened blues.

With each touch of brilliant light
The scenery is transformed,  bright
As a white pigeon in heightened flight,
Soaring, like Icarus, too near the sun’s slight

Heat that tenderly caresses its feathery
Wings across all living things, bravely
Broaching the new day optimistically,
Knowing that man’s destruction will invariably

Alter the breathtaking beauty of sunrise,
Twisting its vibrancy into shades
Of grey, colorless, and lifeless,
As everything becomes hopeless.

Let each new day be your oath
To be stronger than the sun’s breadth,
As you emulate its depth
Of strength that reigns above all stealth.


Eid Mubarak

To all Muslims around the world, we are peaceful people who enjoy prayer, learning, and ibada, through reading the quoraan and duaa.

The beauty of Ramadan is that it pulls families together for iftar, creating a sense of unity that I wish we could reproduce in all our communities.


Timely Moon

Moon, moon, moon,
Rise! Rise! Rise, asking for a boon!

Look up into the lover’s moon,
Its shiny disc sneakily covers a heady
Darkening sky, envading its gloomy melancholy.

Strip the colorless night,
Let its beauty shine and fight
Against its enveloping burdens and light
The heavens with the flamboyance of flight.

Right or wrong, the prodigal
Moon rises, illuminates its methodological
Muse, news, knowledge, that are all in a chronical
That recites events, times, and all epidemiological
Situations that alienate all that’s human and emotional.

The time of night is now!
Fill it with dreams that ever flow!
With perseverance, time that’ll have them landing in a glow.


Preconceived Ideas

Describe something you learned in high school.

In a G 11 history class, the teacher started world history class unit with the question: ” What do you know about Islam? ” The general consensus was that Muslims are terrorists and they conquerored using ‘the sword’. Both misconceptions affected me personally as i was a Muslim teen in the 80s. I can’t fault my peers at the time as they were parroting what the media wanted them to perceive. It was interesting to see the change in my peers’ behavior with me after that. That was, also, perhaps one of the first times when I encountered such hate at a young age. At the time, I didn’t think of it as traumatic, but it is a form of bullying, where ‘if you’re not like us, just leave’. Today, the platforms for bullying have extended to social media as well and are affecting our teens negatively. For some, it’s so bad, that they opt to committing suicide. My question, for those of you who have teens: ‘Are you close enough to your teen to help them overcome what’s happening to them? What are the steps you’d take?’



What’s the most fun way to exercise?

The best way to exercise is to do so with someone who will be encouraging, loving, and supportive. That way, your initiative for doing something ‘healthy’ will feel like fun rather than a chore. I love exercising in the sun, where its rays rejuvenate my ability to cope with a world that has taken things to extremes.

Exercise is movement Xed by a complacent mind Eagerly trying to veg Remembering movement only Cements your biological needs Implying a sedentary life Serving only yourself to Ever believe that exercise is balance for life.

Acrostic poem on Exercise!


German Shepherd

What animals make the best/worst pets?

For me, the best pet is a dog, more specifically, the GSD. It’s like raising a child with boundaries, discipline, and love. His greetings have the power to reduce stress and make me forget, at least for a moment, my worries. What I love most is that he protects my girls as they live together, away from home.


Review on my acrostic poem: Forgiveness


Forge your will in steal,
Outmaneuver your enemies, who feel,
Replete in knowing they’re the heel.
Give them your support when they fall,
Inspire them to be better than before.
View their progress and motivate before you bore,
Inverting foe to friend, like before.
Never lose hope for betterment
Even when all is stacked against you,
Simmer the anger, put logic to the forefront
Survive, learn, educate, that hope is never gone.