Nurturer, mother, teacher, and writer

What are you good at?

The first 3 have the same base, that of a nurturer. I love having people around enjoying a welcoming and comfortable ambiance that’s conductive to discussions. I also love being a mother, as there’s a great amount of give and take, learning and teaching that takes place in that type of relationship. Mostly, I love giving out hugs to all my babies and extended Family, mostly ;).

As for teaching, it combines the above 2 and taught me that friendship comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some of my students continue to text me after over a decade having gone by. The best feeling as a teacher is knowing you’ve connected with your students and built a rapport that lasts.

Finally, my writing comes from the above 3, as I’m an introvert who has difficulty saying the right thing in a conversation, so I relegate my feelings and observations to my writing.



I watch as she pirouettes,
Her dress, a parachute, flies
In waves to her flutters.

Her sensual beauty attracts
An audience, not for her moves,
But for the supplication in her eyes.

They shine with an inner peace
That translates into a pace
Shinier than the purest diamond face.

My gaze is glued to her flexible
Limbs that have divined that the rain bubble
Ensconces her in a world where trouble

Is an abstract concept she’s never
Experienced, as her innocent cover
Protects her as she adds prayer to the dancer.

As her body flows, swings, undulates,
She hears titters on her esthetics.
She says: ‘Believe in a faith that provides
Truth and dares to challenge lies.’

They then turn away and bicker,
Having forgotten why she was a riveting picture.

©️Malak kalmoni chehab ©️


Have a siesta!

How do you balance work and home life?

As a teacher, after the day ends, I need time to recover my patience for my kids, so siesta! Yes, archaic, traditional, maybe, but it actually works. After waking up, I feel rejuvenated enough to be able to help my kids with their work with enough patience, I hope! My time was pretty much divided into early morning with kids and sandwiches for kids, school, home, eat, siesta, teach, make dinner, kids sleep, then time for my husband and lesson plans/ correcting tests.

The best way to keep the balance going is to make sure you spend quality time with each family member. This makes sure you are still connected to them, although your time is limited. Communication is a key component to creating that balance.


Jewelry and 80s styles

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

I still have an expensive blazer that I’m still wearing, given to me by my mom. It’s a black open, quilted, with raised epaulets, and some floral embroidery on the chest.

Now when it comes to jewelry, I still wear my solitaire, 30 years, my mom’s watch- even longer.


End of Vacation!

At the Beirut airport waiting for my flight home to Canada. The joy of family is incomparable to anything else in life. For each family member, know how to be you without being a follower to their lead.

Fantastic fun, fuming, following, friend

Amble, autonomous, artistic, amazing

Marvelous, mean, mentor, meteoric

Imposing, impossible, incredible

Love, laughing, lying, liberty

Yap, yawn, yell, yuck, yonder.


Enigmas Galore

The world is a mystery,
Its ecosystems are all aflurry
With busy microsystems that bury
Secrets we need to survive in a hurry.

Within the Amazon forest
That’s teaming with microcosms, that test
The geniuses who uncover their best
Kept perplexing plexus in a quest

For cognizance of what may stop death.

Searching oceanic reefs for answers,
Is another forager for more enigmas,
That’ll blow your mind in amazements,
Which serve humanity’s placements

Above all in food chains, that destroy,
Instead of build and preserve your coy
Knowledge that man can toy
With nature and devastate in a ploy

To persuade all that He’s superior
While being ignorant of ‘self’ and ‘other’,
Where ‘other’ may be race or
Flaura, fauna, marine, that forever

Amaze in their aesthetic and giving nature.
Awake! Awake from your slumber
And remember, life doesn’t need your surrender!



I’m on vacation for the first time in almost 4 years. Finally, I’m visiting my hometown and feeling extremely emotional about uniting with family and friends. Covid created a social anxiety about connecting with people that it’s been over 3 years that I haven’t seen them, especially with me living across the ocean in Canada, and they live in Lebanon!

The best thing about visiting home is seeing those you’ve missed, and the difference in the city itself: new shops, restaurants, cafes and more. The beauty of the sea at sunset, smells, and sounds that I associate with home: blaring horns, nerve-racking breaking sounds, sirens, and gun shots.


To Vote or not to Vote?

Do you vote in political elections?

I’ve come to the conclusion that elections in first or developing countries are rigged!

Notice that all scandals about electoral campaigns come out after the ‘President ‘ is elected and has power for a few years! What pisses me off is that politicians seem to feel that people lack the ability to connect events that place them in a negative light.

As you may have noticed, I dislike politics, but I also know that it’s a necessary evil everywhere you go. The problems we’re facing come with the dishonesty of the profession and its lack of keeping its promises. People need to become more aware and unite against this corrupt class of political leaders.


Life’s a bitch, and then you die

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

So if ‘life’s a bitch, and then you die,’ you might as well enjoy it while you can.  That doesn’t mean you can live only the way you want, uncaring about others.  No, no, this means, that you enjoy each moment of fun by celebrating and appreciating it. Plus, any moments of sorrow and hurt, let them be your building blocks of strength. Yes, life’s unfair and can give you ‘lemons ‘, that doesn’t mean it can’t be bright, fun, and amazing. You only need to change your perspective to see it from a different angle.

Enjoy what you’re given, and own it.


Parched …

Gloom, bloom, doom.
It’s summer, and everything is in bloom,
But the gray skies strive
To hide the downpour that’ll revive.

Each drop of water is precious,
As it cleanses, moistens the gracious
Ground that mixes water, soil, and deteriorating
Vegetation fuse together and are nourishing ..

To the soil, parched for nutrients,
Only rain gives and inundates
The ground with vitamins
That helps vegetation be man’s lungs,

As the destructive man pollutes,
Decimates and ruins
Farm lands as he turns
Them into bare deserts,

We look upon what we’ve wrought,
Feeling helpless as fishes caught
In a net of our making. As we fought
To reverse our destructive blot.