Dream chocolate bar

Describe your dream chocolate bar.

I’m already salivating just thinking about it!  The chocolate has to have a smooth, rich taste that coats your tongue, leaving an after taste of cocoa sweetness that will keep my happy endorphins doing cartwheels. When I’m craving chocolate,  I prefer it to have no other aromas or tastes added to it, or it will take away from the flavor of the chocolate. 

I’ve always been like a kid at the candy store when I search for just the right choice of chocolate bar when I need it most. That’s why I’ve written an Accrostic poem for CHOCOLATE


Crave choco’s chocolate, Having a hit is heavenly indeed Over the open bar Covered in crumbs of chocolate, the Overely delicate flavor Leaves nothing to be desired. Ate, eat, happily jumping Through the hoops of a sugar high while Every child, man, and woman love their chocolate fix.


Public speaking

What fears have you overcome and how?

As a mother, I wanted to have the right tools to better raise my kids, so I went back to university and got a BA in English Literature, a Teaching Diploma, and an MA in Comparative English Literature. For me, all 3 were a way to increase my knowledge, academic, psychology, teaching, and being a better mother. The degrees opened the window for knowledge acquisition, and I moved beyond the academic by becoming a teacher, afraid of being in front of a classroom. My fear was centered around public speaking, not teaching per se, which was a relief. The fact that I was able to connect with my students and have a meaningful relationship with my kids helped get out of my comfort zone. I’m still shy and prefer being in my own head, especially after I started writing, but my fear has been put to rest, thankfully.

Author of poetry book, Perfectly Flawed: poetry for change.


Nurturer, mother, teacher, and writer

What are you good at?

The first 3 have the same base, that of a nurturer. I love having people around enjoying a welcoming and comfortable ambiance that’s conductive to discussions. I also love being a mother, as there’s a great amount of give and take, learning and teaching that takes place in that type of relationship. Mostly, I love giving out hugs to all my babies and extended Family, mostly ;).

As for teaching, it combines the above 2 and taught me that friendship comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Some of my students continue to text me after over a decade having gone by. The best feeling as a teacher is knowing you’ve connected with your students and built a rapport that lasts.

Finally, my writing comes from the above 3, as I’m an introvert who has difficulty saying the right thing in a conversation, so I relegate my feelings and observations to my writing.


Honorable Mention!

The poem:

Of All the Masks we wear

The masks we wear help us hide
Those parts that are vulnerable
Until the fear of being hurt fade.
It secretes your emotions to keep away trouble.

How do you conceal who you are?
How many facets do you portray?
How bearable is life without it thus far?
How is the fear of being exposed flay?

Those answers are subjective and need
Time to elucidate the importance of trust
That is reciprocated and revered.
Balance your fear and your extrovert in a bust

That embodies fears, ambitions, and beliefs
That make it difficult to be a part of the streams.

©️ Malak kalmoni chehab ©️


Life’s a bitch, and then you die

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

So if ‘life’s a bitch, and then you die,’ you might as well enjoy it while you can.  That doesn’t mean you can live only the way you want, uncaring about others.  No, no, this means, that you enjoy each moment of fun by celebrating and appreciating it. Plus, any moments of sorrow and hurt, let them be your building blocks of strength. Yes, life’s unfair and can give you ‘lemons ‘, that doesn’t mean it can’t be bright, fun, and amazing. You only need to change your perspective to see it from a different angle.

Enjoy what you’re given, and own it.


Publishing Perfectly Flawed, poetry for change

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

I took a risk by publishing my poetry book during covid. That’s when we were under lockdown, and there were no book signings or shows to participate in. The result was no book sales, but I did my message out, and have a good following to show for my work.

A poetry book divided into 3 themes: Relationships, Social/ postcolonial criticism, Self-awareness/ growing.


Earthquake Quake, 2023

To those who’ve experienced death from the earthquake:
My prayers for you are infinite in beseeching Allah/God to help you endure the devastation.
The miracles that have erupted after the earthquake are many and varied:
A newborn surviving 10 days under the rubble.
A young child tells her rescuers that she hasn’t been able to pray.
A father holding his daughter’s hand through the rubble till she was rescued
A 13 year old gas tunnel worker singing his praise to Allah as he works, while the earthquake devastated the area.
The financial aid, from Arab countries, that was sent to the 2 countries was astounding.
These and more reflect that believers still exist, and their prayers are getting answered.


Flighty Heart

Fragile paper hearts
Easy to tear,
but cuts
Like a bear.

Its unique shape
Lends to despair,
When it broke
By your hand and air.

Its unique shape
Rises into fullness,
Then dips in face
Of falsehood that pierce.

Look into its shape
That seems divided
Into yay and nay, a cape
Of vascillation that cried.

Its tear wails
Till eye sight is blind
With too many choices
And decisions that bind.

Oh ye who have
A paper heart,
Let its love
Blind you and don’t cut.



Life is full of predicaments,
Labyrinths are the only road available.
Line your car with gas that spars
Long with the deadly turns that are viable.

Longing for straightforward success,
Laying out your failures that press.
Limp around giving a guess
Looking forward to new life that’s not less.

Legends are complex and teach
Loyalty and friendship, but suppress
Liars that generate a great reach
Leaving them as villains that squeals.

Light up your life with loyals
Living through difficulties and prove
Logical in their enterprises
Letting the faithful mind make a move.


Repairing Life

Reap, repair, revere, reverse, roam, run
Embrace what’s broken,
Practice patience …
Air out your thoughts …

Implement actions to your goals…
Renew your drives
Implement changes
Never surrender to failures
Grow your flexibility and fix the impossible.

Once there,
My repair begins
Embedding …
Tuning into
Having patience
In achieving
New dreams
Gone wild with life!