Honorable Mention

Picture poetry contest on ‘The Writer’s Wave’ on Facebook. The poem ‘Haloed Memories ‘, from my poetry, Perfectly Flawed: poetry for change. Much appreciated!


Have you gained/lost weight?

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

If I’ve lost weight, rare, then I’m happy. However, I’ll have gained it it, and it shows around my stomach. That area is very sensitive for me, as I’ve had 2 bowl obstruction surgeries, so no matter what I do, I’ll always have a tummy. The good thing about it though is that it shows that I enjoy life/food/ desserts. 😋


Flighty Heart

Fragile paper hearts
Easy to tear,
but cuts
Like a bear.

Its unique shape
Lends to despair,
When it broke
By your hand and air.

Its unique shape
Rises into fullness,
Then dips in face
Of falsehood that pierce.

Look into its shape
That seems divided
Into yay and nay, a cape
Of vascillation that cried.

Its tear wails
Till eye sight is blind
With too many choices
And decisions that bind.

Oh ye who have
A paper heart,
Let its love
Blind you and don’t cut.


Love’s Masks

Share your inner thoughts, ideas, ideals,
That power your imagination and hails
Down upon you, admiration, envy that entails
You have to choose who needs some derails.

Today, we hide behind our likes,
Our social media personae that drives
Our self-esteem into the grounds
If it’s not up to par with your peers.

Why do we hide?
Is intimacy such a bad ride,
That you need masks to keep all inside?

Or do you soar in flight
Fall, shatter, break, and give only a bite
Out of the ball, then turn it into a free for all?

Comments on my poetry



He calls me angel,
Who gave him another three,
Two girls balanced by a boy,
Whose hearts are intertwined
And need greater space than a tiny heart.


Appreciation /\

Apparently, wordpress counts our likes, and I have 1000 likes from the time I started my blog! I appreciate everyone’s of your likes, follows, and comments. I still can’t wrap my head around it 🙃


If you’re like me

Then books are a part of your life, reading and writing a necessity of life, and you can’t have enough of either.

I came across this caricature and couldn’t help but share it! It’s so me!


Holiday Tidings

While the weather out is jolly,

The snowy ice is frothy

My laté is warm and fluffy

With a heart made with three bubbly.

I hold its warmth knowing

That I have three babies, loving,

Waiting to shower me with it by hugging,

While my hubby waits his turn, pacing.

So I happily snuggle in my warmest

Clothes, harvesting their love in a jest.

There’s no rest

For those I love best.

Merry Christmas 🎅 and Happy New Year to all!



Soft lips murmur mostly
Love words that revel in a list
Of muffled sounds that greatly
Impact your softened heart.

Let the soft caresses linger
On the shell of your ear, jaw, cheek,
Chin, and plant a loving kiss per
Lip laying homage and creating a spark.

The electricity or chemistry starts
The love that deepens with decades passing
While building on the flashes
That began the journey to loving.


Happy Thanksgiving

So the turkey isn’t in the oven and won’t be eaten, as I have nome. However, my appreciation for all that I have, senses, arms, legs, family, love, hate, all I’m thankful for, for each teaches you something new.

Always be thankful for what you have, as others most likely might have less.