Twilight’s Darkened Light

The night’s fading darkness
Is illuminated by filaments that glimmers
With piercing reddish hues
Into a horizon of fading darkened blues.

With each touch of brilliant light
The scenery is transformed,  bright
As a white pigeon in heightened flight,
Soaring, like Icarus, too near the sun’s slight

Heat that tenderly caresses its feathery
Wings across all living things, bravely
Broaching the new day optimistically,
Knowing that man’s destruction will invariably

Alter the breathtaking beauty of sunrise,
Twisting its vibrancy into shades
Of grey, colorless, and lifeless,
As everything becomes hopeless.

Let each new day be your oath
To be stronger than the sun’s breadth,
As you emulate its depth
Of strength that reigns above all stealth.


Timely Moon

Moon, moon, moon,
Rise! Rise! Rise, asking for a boon!

Look up into the lover’s moon,
Its shiny disc sneakily covers a heady
Darkening sky, envading its gloomy melancholy.

Strip the colorless night,
Let its beauty shine and fight
Against its enveloping burdens and light
The heavens with the flamboyance of flight.

Right or wrong, the prodigal
Moon rises, illuminates its methodological
Muse, news, knowledge, that are all in a chronical
That recites events, times, and all epidemiological
Situations that alienate all that’s human and emotional.

The time of night is now!
Fill it with dreams that ever flow!
With perseverance, time that’ll have them landing in a glow.


Hubris of A City Moon


Bright Darkness

The soulless soul seeps into the sewers

Hiding, in hindsight, from historic hatefulness

Heaving the heavy heart into the whole

Whose empty empathy embarks on evil’s espousal.

The darkness drives deep despair, hollow.

Wishing for the weight to endow you with power

That lights the living loving locations, landing

On all that’s heavy, eviscerating it’s emptiness into brightness.

Brilliantly bright spirit of the night

Shine your hopes, colors, freedoms, and love

Into all whose darkness is encompassing the light.

Let the waves and wind blow away the cobwebs

Of emptiness, replacing them with a dove’s

Soaring aspirations, imagination, and freedoms.