Icy March!

As I watch from behind the window

Pane, the snow piled high on the sill

Obscuring nature’s rage as its spill

Of rain and snow creating a gifted bow.

Winds howling,

Snow swerves swiftly,

Banging lustfully

Straining, swinging snowy

Hands hurtling against cement,

Glass, trees, and bushes, swiping

At everything to get in, bent

On gathering warmth to keep their breath.

The heat it garners strengthens

It’s momentum and spits

More icy pellets, flakes of wet snows,

And frozen rain drops.

Icicles drip over bare bushes,

Maples, oaks, evergreens,

All dipped in icy transparent sepulcher

Foretelling breaks and deaths.

Nature’s peaceful gown,

It’s stunning frozen blaze

Will, with time melt and glow

In the blooming spring in a faze.


Repairing Life


Reap, repair, revere, reverse, roam, run
Embrace what’s broken,
Practice patience …
Air out your thoughts …
Implement actions to your goals…
Renew your drives
Implement changes
Never surrender to failures
Grow your flexibility and fix the impossible.

Once there
My repair begins
Embedding …
Tuning into
Having patience
In achieving
New dreams
Gone wild with life!


Review of my poem Labyrinth

Life is full of predicaments,
Labyrinths are the only road available.
Line your car with gas that spars
Long with the deadly turns that are viable.

Longing for straightforward success,
Laying out your failures that press.
Limp around giving a guess
Looking forward to new life that’s not less.

Legends are complex and teach
Loyalty and friendship, but suppress
Liars that generate a great reach
Leaving them as villains that squeals.

Light up your life with loyals
Living through difficulties and prove
Logical in their enterprises
Letting the faithful mind make a move.

©️ Malak kalmoni chehab
Author, poetry book, Perfectly Flawed



Prepare,  preparing,  design,  designing,
Candies galore, pumpkins, scarecrows, witching:
The cauldron of doom, blood curdling, dooming;
House into haunting screams that are petrifying;
Possession of weaklings, turning them to demons: spine-chilling.

All Halow’s night, creeps, ghouls, and evil beings
Walk unobstructed for all to see and inspires
Villainy, vile, voracious jealousies
That promise money, rank, and powers
As long as you let evil reign over intellects.

At the witching hour, light streaks into the sky
Illuminating it with comet like arrows that vy
For attention as they fly by!
They bring knowledge,  light, perservereance, positivity,
And strength of will to annihilate all of evil’s cry.

Never fear the demons of Halloween,
For their imagination runs amuck, unseen.
But, reality is harsher, fiercer, more mysterious.


Books Lover Day

Those of you, like me, who love books, they’ve taken a day out of the year specifically to celebrate our erudite natures. Books are my friends and confidants. They help me overcome difficulties by creating a world that’s simpler, where most rules are applicable, and most importantly, where imagination has free reign to soar.

Below is just a double acrostic poem about this special day!

Buying books isn’t for the weak, who falL

On their faces for their lack of imagination tO

Overcome life’s problems with luV,

Keen on transcending thE

Secrets of being a book buyeR

By: Malak Kalmoni Chehab


Happy Hijri New year

The new lunar year has started! It’s based on the year the Prophet Mohammed immigrated to the city of Medina (Saudi Arabia).

Every new year is special, but this one is a reminder that life is a struggle to survive and prove the strength of your faith.



Heart, ohhh sweet heart,

I long for the days you were red,

Not a sunburnt heart full of dread.

Trampled heart

Disillusioned organ full of cheer,

Don’t give the fight that’ll impart

Moral, knowledge, friendship,

To all those who value

Mentorship over the need for material that rip

Your heart and soul

Replacing them with a money bowl.

By: Malak Kalmoni Chehab


My poetry reading video at Poetry Cafe,Facebook

I read the following poems from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed: Beloved Flaw, Identity, Lives Matter, (Life!), Out of Time, Trapped Humanity, Meet Me Halfway, Value Defined,, Ask the Heavens, Heaven’s Gate. You can find exerts of each poem here on my website:, or Tumblr @malakkc-poetry.






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