Ideas 💡💡💡

Yes, too many ideas can be a problem, as time is a b…ch that cyphons it away from you. Plus, there are times when you start with one idea, you get bored and stop. Start- Stop ✋️ 🫸 🫷 😑


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The poem is about my intention to change things about myself for the upcoming year.



Upon reflection on a year gone by,
I notice that life is short and needs to fly.

As time dissipates in the fog of winter
Storms that flog your optimism into a pauper,

I lie back and wonder …
How do I make the following year better?

My goals are set for my self-improvement,
Where I wish to feel no bereavement.

Goals are so arbitrary, that, at times
They pull you down into hades.

As I set my goals: reducing my intrusive
Conversation and being more conservative

In my opinions, but only with certain
Peoples, who lack perception.

Another goal is to write more,
Submit more, and succeed more.

I believe the latter more feasible,
As the first requires me to be more biddable.

I hope to achieve a certain censorship
As not to come to hardship.