Prepare,  preparing,  design,  designing,
Candies galore, pumpkins, scarecrows, witching:
The cauldron of doom, blood curdling, dooming;
House into haunting screams that are petrifying;
Possession of weaklings, turning them to demons: spine-chilling.

All Halow’s night, creeps, ghouls, and evil beings
Walk unobstructed for all to see and inspires
Villainy, vile, voracious jealousies
That promise money, rank, and powers
As long as you let evil reign over intellects.

At the witching hour, light streaks into the sky
Illuminating it with comet like arrows that vy
For attention as they fly by!
They bring knowledge,  light, perservereance, positivity,
And strength of will to annihilate all of evil’s cry.

Never fear the demons of Halloween,
For their imagination runs amuck, unseen.
But, reality is harsher, fiercer, more mysterious.