I watch as she pirouettes,
Her dress, a parachute, flies
In waves to her flutters.

Her sensual beauty attracts
An audience, not for her moves,
But for the supplication in her eyes.

They shine with an inner peace
That translates into a pace
Shinier than the purest diamond face.

My gaze is glued to her flexible
Limbs that have divined that the rain bubble
Ensconces her in a world where trouble

Is an abstract concept she’s never
Experienced, as her innocent cover
Protects her as she adds prayer to the dancer.

As her body flows, swings, undulates,
She hears titters on her esthetics.
She says: ‘Believe in a faith that provides
Truth and dares to challenge lies.’

They then turn away and bicker,
Having forgotten why she was a riveting picture.

©️Malak kalmoni chehab ©️



Help, help, help,
I wear my cloak of impotence,
Running around, graceless,
As I try to graduate from a whelp.

Help, help, help,
I thought friends, likes, and kin,
Support me in my endeavors in
Achieving success, only to fall and become strep.

Help, help, help,
Recession  is looming
People worried about famine
And every person is on a flip,

Help, help, help,
The other facet of war, hunger
Lingers and throws you back in rapport
To WWII, when all sectors crashed and none slept.

Help, help, help,
Entertain your soul with faith
Leaping into despair with a breath
Percolating freshness and sweeping away dejection.



Life is full of predicaments,
Labyrinths are the only road available.
Line your car with gas that spars
Long with the deadly turns that are viable.

Longing for straightforward success,
Laying out your failures that press.
Limp around giving a guess
Looking forward to new life that’s not less.

Legends are complex and teach
Loyalty and friendship, but suppress
Liars that generate a great reach
Leaving them as villains that squeals.

Light up your life with loyals
Living through difficulties and prove
Logical in their enterprises
Letting the faithful mind make a move.



Work, work, work,
Workers buzzing like bees in fields,
Running, squatting, cutting, sewing,
Hammering, excavating, rushing.

Always hurrying to meeting
Deadlines and never seeming
To have time to be smelling
The silent burgeoning flowering
That sprout quietly without your noticing.

Beauty sneaks up on you while
You’re worried what comes next in vile
Humanity’s constant vocational
Need to be doing instead of contemplate
The importance of just faith and being.

Harrowing are your days
Of scurrying around in many ways
Trying to achieve a goal that’s always
Too far a ways.

Slow down,
Let your mind be a clown,
Laugh up a storm on your own,
And have your imagination blown!


Happy Hijri New year

The new lunar year has started! It’s based on the year the Prophet Mohammed immigrated to the city of Medina (Saudi Arabia).

Every new year is special, but this one is a reminder that life is a struggle to survive and prove the strength of your faith.


Questions … Worries …?

What do you write about when you’re unsure what to write about?

I fear my feelings are binding my ability to write today. I apologize for that, but then you have to give age its due. With it comes: fatigue and unending worries. In the world we live in today, where war, a crisis in food supply, increasing inflation and gas prices, where or who do you turn to to alleviate some of that pressure?

I try to stay strong for my family by keeping it bottled in. But how long can I manage that?

My only recourse is my faith, in which I drench my soul. It has the ability, with GOD’S words to place a balm of peace over a worried soul.

Try it, you won’t regret it.


My interview with Kayla, owner of Hidden Gems Emporium Bookstore, about my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed



Interview with Kaila from Hidden Gems Literary Emporium

Interview with Kaila from Hidden Gems Literary Emporium

Within the interview, Malak talks about her roots and experiences with postcolonial Civil Wars and her move West. She talks about the importance of her family’s support, and her daughter Fida’s help in editing her work and helping her title her poems.


Ramadan Mubarak to all


Rebirth after Fall, exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed