What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

My preferred ability is patience. It helps keep me centered, calm, and listen; most times, anyway! I hate that I’m able to bottle up hurts without voicing them until I overload. That’s when my patience is a great boon and virtue that helps me overcome some difficulties.


Ideas 💡💡💡

Yes, too many ideas can be a problem, as time is a b…ch that cyphons it away from you. Plus, there are times when you start with one idea, you get bored and stop. Start- Stop ✋️ 🫸 🫷 😑



What do you wish you could do more every day?

I just wish I had a bit more time for self-reflection and writing.



What tattoo do you want and where would you put it?

I don’t believe in tattoos, and I don’t want any. Who wants to inflict pain on themselves willingly? The idea of feeling pain in itself is abhorrent to me, as I’ve experienced it before and after surgeries.


Honorable Mention

Picture poetry contest on ‘The Writer’s Wave’ on Facebook. The poem ‘Haloed Memories ‘, from my poetry, Perfectly Flawed: poetry for change. Much appreciated!


Vote for my poem: Intentions

Please go to the below site in order to read and vote for my poem: Intentions.

The poem is about my intention to change things about myself for the upcoming year.



Upon reflection on a year gone by,
I notice that life is short and needs to fly.

As time dissipates in the fog of winter
Storms that flog your optimism into a pauper,

I lie back and wonder …
How do I make the following year better?

My goals are set for my self-improvement,
Where I wish to feel no bereavement.

Goals are so arbitrary, that, at times
They pull you down into hades.

As I set my goals: reducing my intrusive
Conversation and being more conservative

In my opinions, but only with certain
Peoples, who lack perception.

Another goal is to write more,
Submit more, and succeed more.

I believe the latter more feasible,
As the first requires me to be more biddable.

I hope to achieve a certain censorship
As not to come to hardship.




Daunting diversity drives
A wedge between humanity, who’s
Under the impression that
Nepotism is a necessity,
That imposes a class and race system
Lacking in compassion, comprehension.
Easily transposing our civilization to a
Secondary one of Omo’s descent
Serving to annihilate our progression.

©️ Malak kalmoni chehab ©️



Forge your will in steal,
Outmaneuver your enemies, who feel,
Replete in knowing they’re the heel.
Give them your support when they fall,
Inspire them to be better than before.
View their progress and motivate before you bore,
Inverting foe to friend, like before.
Never lose hope for betterment
Even when all is stacked against you,
Simmer the anger, put logic to the forefront
Survive, learn, educate, that hope is never gone.


Have you gained/lost weight?

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

If I’ve lost weight, rare, then I’m happy. However, I’ll have gained it it, and it shows around my stomach. That area is very sensitive for me, as I’ve had 2 bowl obstruction surgeries, so no matter what I do, I’ll always have a tummy. The good thing about it though is that it shows that I enjoy life/food/ desserts. 😋