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I read the following poems from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed: Beloved Flaw, Identity, Lives Matter, (Life!), Out of Time, Trapped Humanity, Meet Me Halfway, Value Defined,, Ask the Heavens, Heaven’s Gate. You can find exerts of each poem here on my website:, or Tumblr @malakkc-poetry.



Poetry Café, reading

It starts in 10 minutes! I hope I don’t stutter!



A poem read by Malak Kalmoni Chehab, from her poetry book, Perfectly Flawed.

Identity talks about my origins and how corruption reigns there after independence.


My poetry book, Perfectly Flawed, displayed at Hidden Gems Emporium

I still can’t believe it’s on display! Enjoy some poetry that’ll give you a fresh perspective about social issues, relationships, and self-awareness! Please don’t forget to write a review!




Long to Belong

Lately the day is long and the night’s moon

Brightens the darkness like a loon.

It reminds me of the times I change my tune

So that friends and family stay with me, in tune,

With my needs for their support, strength, love.

The harmony within is all our closest entourage

Request of us if they truly believe in our being

Just who we are, unapologetic for our strengths

And weaknesses, hoping that both are accepted.

Even if you’re not peer friendly, who cares

As long as your symphony within and without

Portrays who you really are in a bout

That you win as your strength can accept

Either failure or criticism and move forward

To improve upon who you are with your resilience.


Who Are We?

How do you conceal who you are? How many facets do you portray?

Do you change the way you dress daily?

Do you alter your hair and eye color? Do you vary your tone, whisper, cry, or shout?

Do you add make up to accent different parts of you?

Are you an award winning actor playing a role?

Which part of you are you most protective of?

The real you or the ones you show off?

I’ve said before, but I will say it again: The crux of who you are is hidden for few to view

And bask in your cheer, hope and self-esteem.

Of all the masks you’ve worn over time,

Which do you want to be ‘you’?

Is your identity a bricolage of family, friends, colleague,

Ethnicity, race, religion, and cultural ‘norms’?

What happens to the mask when the identity shatters?

Do you also fall apart, lose control, and spin like a top,

Unknowing what your next mask will represent?

It seems to me, after much consideration, experience

That who you are is reflected in your eyes,

Where your soul reaches out to impose its wisdoms,

In order for self satisfaction and acceptance to

Coexist in harmony with your favorite mask!