Bloomer Rebirth

Double acrostic: REEBIRTH, BLOOMER

Rebirth, renew, revive the bomB,
Every spring returns love in a spiraL
Blowing away winter’s fog tO
Invigorate nature intO
Repainting the scene in colors that screaM.
Tremble from the power of naturE
Heaping on you wonder to wanderR.


Book Day

Beauty of books leave nothing to imagerY

Only creating worlds in academiA

Overflowing with all that can be imagineD:

Kings, queens, courtiers, all in a booK.

Devils and monsters dancing in affetuosO

Anger and depression dumped in aerophotO

Yet, we vent them in books that only boB.



Poet, poem, poetry
Organize the images in the writer,
Every word is a symbol that will let
The poet achieve the portrait that will be
Remembered in all its glory of their bravado
Yearning to be heard with great pomp.

(Double acrostic poem)