Help, help, help,
I wear my cloak of impotence,
Running around, graceless,
As I try to graduate from a whelp.

Help, help, help,
I thought friends, likes, and kin,
Support me in my endeavors in
Achieving success, only to fall and become strep.

Help, help, help,
Recession  is looming
People worried about famine
And every person is on a flip,

Help, help, help,
The other facet of war, hunger
Lingers and throws you back in rapport
To WWII, when all sectors crashed and none slept.

Help, help, help,
Entertain your soul with faith
Leaping into despair with a breath
Percolating freshness and sweeping away dejection.


Temple of Love

As love grows from a foundation
Of beauty,  my gaze is in contrition
For those who live devoid of love.
Leave, like, live, lively, longing to love …

As each child, man, and woman need a hive
To promote, programing all with reverence.
A need to bathe in the certitude of being
Cocooned and cherished for just existing.

With each caress, word, gaze, request,
You’re inundated with warmth that’s best
Given in daily doses, so as not to fall
Into depression that’ll turn you into a ball.


Trapped Humanity

Poetry reading, by Malak K Chehab, of ‘Trapped Humanity’, a poem from my poetry book,  Perfectly Flawed. It’s about self-isolation due to pandemic and how traumatic it is on people.



Book Day

Beauty of books leave nothing to imagerY

Only creating worlds in academiA

Overflowing with all that can be imagineD:

Kings, queens, courtiers, all in a booK.

Devils and monsters dancing in affetuosO

Anger and depression dumped in aerophotO

Yet, we vent them in books that only boB.