Review on my acrostic poem: Forgiveness


Forge your will in steal,
Outmaneuver your enemies, who feel,
Replete in knowing they’re the heel.
Give them your support when they fall,
Inspire them to be better than before.
View their progress and motivate before you bore,
Inverting foe to friend, like before.
Never lose hope for betterment
Even when all is stacked against you,
Simmer the anger, put logic to the forefront
Survive, learn, educate, that hope is never gone.


Review of my poem Labyrinth

Life is full of predicaments,
Labyrinths are the only road available.
Line your car with gas that spars
Long with the deadly turns that are viable.

Longing for straightforward success,
Laying out your failures that press.
Limp around giving a guess
Looking forward to new life that’s not less.

Legends are complex and teach
Loyalty and friendship, but suppress
Liars that generate a great reach
Leaving them as villains that squeals.

Light up your life with loyals
Living through difficulties and prove
Logical in their enterprises
Letting the faithful mind make a move.

©️ Malak kalmoni chehab
Author, poetry book, Perfectly Flawed


Review of my poem, Hunger to Survive

From the Facebook group, Canada Writes,an author, Theresa Wilson, wrote:

Hunger to Survive

The lion lays quietly atop an overhanging hill.
He waits, watches in the vain fervor that his prey
Will come to him in deadly night like a diet pill
That will stop his hunger and permit his teeth to stay
Sharp, glistening white, creating a shiver of fear
Of their ferocity and ability to tear apart an arm,
Or important extremities that flash their spear
Of speed trying to outrun the King.

The atmosphere of fear is so authentic
That I can feel the lion’s eyes shifting silently,
Watching guardedly, waiting patiently to pounce happily
On his unsuspecting prey. His jaws are cave like
In their imposing strength and force of bite.

Never fear the lion, for you know he attacks
To survive, not for pleasure.
Fear those who appear like sheep, but are
More serpent or fox, for their poisons
Attack the soul and destroy lives as if doing you favors.


Poet Review

I just got this review on Tumblr, and felt humbled by his thoughts and feelings to my writing.