Appreciation and Acceptance

What’s something most people don’t understand?

With the social media promoting pleasure, sexual, alcohol, and drugs, there seems to be a move away from appreciation of what one has; but rather, they look above their finances to the stars, who seem to have more. Is the more they have make them happy? Not according to their social media or the gossiping mongers! That leads people to reject their socio-eco-racial standing and wishing for more. Ambition is a great thing to have, as long as it doesn’t get poisoned by greed and envy. Unfortunately, with the way social media and marketing are set up, people are looking to achieve things easily without putting in the effort of hard work.

Appreciation and acceptance of what one has is missing in people, and their drive for self-improvement is stalled by their own need for pleasure and emulating others.



Love, loved, lover, lovely

Over abundance of being emotionally

Viscerally compassionate that strongly

Evolves as your love grows exponentially.

Be kind to yourself

Motivate your own growth with stealth,

Don’t let vanity be your wealth

But rather empathy becomes your breath.


Haloed Memories

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Exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed, social criticism, What’s life?, philosophy, trends, followers, unique, individual.

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Merry Melancholy

Exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed. It’s available on all eplatforms, iTunes, Googlebooks,, Kindle, kobo, Barnes and noble,, as well as paperback and hardcover.


Meet Me Halway


Song from Home

Hello, how are you?
It’s been too long since you last called.
Home, hearth, heart, haven are all stalled
As I’ve emigrated into a new land away from you.

I’d plan my call today,  and time would slip away.
I’d plan to call next week, and find that work flays.
I’d plan to call next month, and worry about what to say.
I’d plan to call within a year and fall short of my plays.

Another year goes by, and fear sets in,
If you call, what do you say?
Your understanding of their trials are hypothetical,
And their consideration of your is stereotypical.
Do you call, or let them hang, alone in …

The wonder is those at home will adore
Hearing your voice, struggles, accomplishments,
That boost you to a fore ,
That is unattainable where they are.

Does this boost jealousy and chain your
Connection, turning it stale and hollow?
Or do you put an effort into a tour
Of empathy, compassion that help you flow?


Lover, Hater?

I looked upon the sleeping angel whose sparsely

Covered head in tufts of flyaway hair, place her

Thumb in her mouth, curl her index in her fine hair,

As she lays curled up around her bunny.

The bunny wasn’t as soft or as sly as she,

But he got around and needed just five minutes

Of rest before the ‘devil’ woke up and sang hymns

As she ran circles around him with great care.

Watching the merry go round of the joy and play,

The cheery laughter that I want to last another

FIVE minutes, as time lapses exponentially,

And we are never ready to see them grow, ever.

They grow slowly, then life changes and imposes

Its disillusionment and disappointments

That are an inevitable result of interactions,

Familial, social, peers, and business.

I wish that infant would stay innocent for longer

Not needing to face oppression, recrimination,

Racism, nor dicrimination which implode into a hater

Rather than a lover who accepts the other in compassion.



Chaos is all around us. We woke up on a winter morn last February to the knowledge the the virus has spread. Today, almost a year later, we are under yet another lockdown that has even harsher penalties.

What’s the world coming to? A vitus, I can understand, a volcano, flood, earthquake, fire even, all can be analyzed and man’s ingenuity comes into play, and saves the day.

However, when a political figure insites violence, and approves of bigotry/ racism, in this day and age is unacceptable. Why do we, as people, feel the need to follow where we lead? Shouldn’t we have achieved enough awareness of the world around us to notice that races exist, but they have a common denominator: humanity, red blood, and emotions.

Don’t let yourself be swept away by what the speeches that demean anyone, and promote violence against them. Rather highlight the importance of inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. In so doing, you are providing others with a role model that is human, perhaps fallible, but at least, a person you can speak to, listen to, argue with …. in a civilized manner.