Life Captured

The scenes are relentless in their motions
As they unveil their worthiness to us
As the aperture of life is just a version
Of all that’s around us, filming, storing,
Even deleting or omitting the undeserving,
Challenging the lies or liars, stating only verity!!!!

… Exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed, available as ebook everywhere, as well as paperback and hardcover from iTunes, nook, Google books, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and friesenpress


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Song from Home

Hello, how are you?
It’s been too long since you last called.
Home, hearth, heart, haven are all stalled
As I’ve emigrated into a new land away from you.

I’d plan my call today,  and time would slip away.
I’d plan to call next week, and find that work flays.
I’d plan to call next month, and worry about what to say.
I’d plan to call within a year and fall short of my plays.

Another year goes by, and fear sets in,
If you call, what do you say?
Your understanding of their trials are hypothetical,
And their consideration of your is stereotypical.
Do you call, or let them hang, alone in …

The wonder is those at home will adore
Hearing your voice, struggles, accomplishments,
That boost you to a fore ,
That is unattainable where they are.

Does this boost jealousy and chain your
Connection, turning it stale and hollow?
Or do you put an effort into a tour
Of empathy, compassion that help you flow?


Isolated Strength

Pandemics, plagues, diseases, viruses,

Are all killers of humanity creating great stresses.

How do we combat what we can’t see,

Feel, touch, hear, or taste?


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My poetry book, Perfectly Flawed, is available


Caramel lotus fridge cake


Books Serve

“Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new at all.” -Abraham Lincoln

Books Serve

Books are a great way to improve your linguistic ability, as well as widen your horizons by using your imagination. No idea in a book is really ‘new’, even Shakespeare only had 3 original concepts for plays, while the others were borrowed from previously written works or histories. This does Not mean that borrowing an idea and altering it to fit your story, theme, action, … is wrong, it just means you needed a starting point. Another example is when contests are themed, or have a word or expression that needs to be used in your work. Does that mean you’re stealing from others or using ‘it’ as a starting point? The result of these contests is that over 20 different perspectives are given by the variety of writers. Are they all plagiarizing when their content is so vastly different? ‘Turn it in’ is another way that teachers and professors assess that your work is at least 80 to 85% your actual writing and not borrowed or copied.

So, tell me what you think about using an idea as a starting point.





Boy, shy

Tries making

A friend flying

Into the unknown,

Lonely. One. Loneliest

Number ever. It tests hardest

When you’re surrounded by familys’

Best, whose envy alienates you farthest.

Standing alone with a whirring world

That’s confusing, struggling blind,

Into unknowns that surround,

Bind your moves. Loud

Is the thunder around

That drowns bad