Happy Eid Everyone


Mom, Habibti

Mother, mother, mum, mama,

Who are you?

Are you just the giver of life?

Mom, madre, mami, mam, ma,

What would you do to protect your babe?

Legal or nefarious means?

Mother, oumi, mama, Haha, mà,

How do you love equally all your babe?

Do you prefer one over another? Why?

Mam, nanay, habibti, ema, mamma,

How do you empower all your babe?

Do you compare them and demean some?

Mami, mother, mom, love, Ema,

Love me for me! Never send me away or leave me!

Mum, mother, maman, madre, Ema,

Don’t break my heart to leave,

Don’t break my heart and hate me!


Crumbly Country

Exert from my book, Perfectly Flawed

What of the ordinary man whose livelihood
Was stolen away? What of his family?  Blood,
Sweat, gore, stress, unimaginable fear
Drive his motivation to strive to survive maugre,
While he takes the brunt of the consequences of his leaders.

Social critique

My interview with SMLiterature magazine

I was very excited when SM Literature magazine reached out to me for an interview. I hope my answers will motivate your curiosity into reading my book, Perfectly Flawed.


Interview with Mary Donahue

I’m being interviewed about my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed, live tonight between 9pm and midnight! You can hear the interview on the link below:

I hope you enjoy the book!


Meet Me Halfway

I’ve perhaps done a lot of things halfway,
Gave up, and moved away rather than fight the fray.
Why do we give up when home is but a minute away?
Doesn’t it’s security call to us from far away?

(Exert from, PerfectlyFlawed)


My poetry ebook, Perfectly Flawed, is now available, Barnes and noble

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I hope you enjoy reading it as I much as I enjoyed working on it.


Finally passed 60

Yes over 60 follower ! I can’t believe it! I appreciate all of your follos and feedback!!!



Jump up revive and rejoice

Life is full of constant noise

Don’t let it slip by without a voice!

Don’t let the whisper build into a noose!

Let it out, and let it boost,

Boost you into the orbit of fools!

Fools for whom life is full of drools

Laughter, and zealous pools

Of people trying not to swoon

From the pressures that life has thrown.

Jump up, rise up, and be blown

By the continuous changes that have flown,

Capture them in your heart and groom,

Tutor loved ones that life is but a broom

That sweeps away misery and doom.



I woke to an email from WordPress that I have over 500 views and 59 followers!!!! It made my day!!!!

I’m sending all the love back 100 fold to all of you who like my writing!

Never stop writing even if you hit a few snags!!!!