Repairing Life

Reap, repair, revere, reverse, roam, run
Embrace what’s broken,
Practice patience …
Air out your thoughts …

Implement actions to your goals…
Renew your drives
Implement changes
Never surrender to failures
Grow your flexibility and fix the impossible.

Once there,
My repair begins
Embedding …
Tuning into
Having patience
In achieving
New dreams
Gone wild with life!


Holiday Tidings

While the weather out is jolly,

The snowy ice is frothy

My laté is warm and fluffy

With a heart made with three bubbly.

I hold its warmth knowing

That I have three babies, loving,

Waiting to shower me with it by hugging,

While my hubby waits his turn, pacing.

So I happily snuggle in my warmest

Clothes, harvesting their love in a jest.

There’s no rest

For those I love best.

Merry Christmas 🎅 and Happy New Year to all!


Aburi, A Haven

I walk through the road of centinal
Palm trees giving shade from the kindle
Of the noon sun, creating shade where only sun lit.

I look upon their majestic trunks
As elegant as a giraffe’s
Reaching into the sky, touching the heavens.

Once you reach the road’s end,
The vista of greens will land
You in a mirage of breathtaking scenes.

A short walk and you’ll reach
Boti Falls, distinguished with two chutes that leach
Into a large aquamarine pond that sizzles

With the force of the downpour,
And hides a cavern behind its ominous core,
That provides electricity and life to all nature.

Moving past such wonder,
You see man’s touch in greater
Spans of space, where a decrepit helicopter

Lies as stage for tourists and the picnickers
To look upon an antique object of wars,
Used to help beautify what’s already astounding.

I watch the centinals in my rearview mirror,
Wondering at my next visit to such a conqueror
Of beauty and memories of times yonder.



Work, work, work,
Workers buzzing like bees in fields,
Running, squatting, cutting, sewing,
Hammering, excavating, rushing.

Always hurrying to meeting
Deadlines and never seeming
To have time to be smelling
The silent burgeoning flowering
That sprout quietly without your noticing.

Beauty sneaks up on you while
You’re worried what comes next in vile
Humanity’s constant vocational
Need to be doing instead of contemplate
The importance of just faith and being.

Harrowing are your days
Of scurrying around in many ways
Trying to achieve a goal that’s always
Too far a ways.

Slow down,
Let your mind be a clown,
Laugh up a storm on your own,
And have your imagination blown!



“To Time   
Hello time,
Haven’t heard from you for a long time. 
How are you spending your time,
Without me coming along for a run of time?

I miss your light, bright laugh as you fly by
Your transience makes you all the more precious.
Don’t abandon my side and leave me lonely.
Alone to face your swiftly moving wondrous
Glory that eases with your passing.”
(Chehab, M. K., PerfectlyFlawed, 2021)

      I wished to thank you for your time, the one that helped me overcome pain and disillusionment, that almost brought me down, at one time or another.  Yes time, your earthly flow is a balm on my soul, which you soothed with your constant presence and support.  Your availability at all hours of the day brought me comfort, when I was confused and drawn. Your help in marking time with me, gave me permission to speak my mind and get all the hurt off my chest.  ‘A clean slate’ for a time, is a wondrous gift of rejuvenation imbued in optimism.
      Whenever I think of you, time, I know that each of your hands is holding me up to the tests of time.  In my five decades, I have emigrated four times to three Continents,  experienced loss, betrayal,  disillusionment,  fear, horror, injustice,  motherhood, ‘wifehood’, childhood upheaval,  travel, adventure,  laughter, faith, optimism, and love.  With your help, time, I have had many ups and downs, but what leaves the greatest impression is laughter.  To laugh is to live, and, to live is to savor life.  With laughter comes the humor of a situation that you can only perceive when thinking positively.  They’ve even come up with laughing yoga, laughter university (California- of course, where else?!!), and laughing Kung Fu.  If that doesn’t prove my point, I don’t know what will! So, laughter is uplifting, optimistic, and tickles your funny bone in order to redirect your frown to a smile! It’s also important to note that, life’s constant changes and your ability to adapt to new realities is but a drop in the well of your knowledge and patience, especially when you have a sense of humor that helps alleviate the stress, anxiety of any major changes.
      Relish each stage in your life as each is as transient as time itself,  one moment it’s there, another gone into the caverns of memories so deep you need to excavate them in order to remember a specific moment in time.  I’ve learned that time is precious, and that you need to make the most of this treasure you’ve been given. As time flows into an ocean of evocation: a smell, a ray of light, a flower, a cry, a laugh, a touch, a kiss, or all together, will invoke a feeling of well-being that’s unparalleled in your heart.   Savor it, and don’t dwell on the negativity that time, and time again, may erode facts turning them into feelings and interpretations that become dubious in their veracity.
      I hope we meet more often time, as I enjoy unburdening my lot to your compassionate ear.
Yours truly,
Lover of Time


Had fun baking today!!!!

Top left: pineapple pinwheel, top right: Nutella pinwheel, bottom: pineapple drop cookies

Which do you want?


Flowers for Moi!

Me, myself, and I

Received these beauties!

The colors are rejuvenating,

The smell is precious,

The thought, sender, is stupendous.

A flower has the power

Never to cower

But to spread its petals, languorous.

Its infinite patience glamorous.

Its fragility’s nothing short of faithful,

Its colors vibrant and bashful,

While its scent lodges in your mind.

Knowing memories are easier to find.

Creating and sending such a bunch

Is always a thoughtful hunch.


Temple of Love

As love grows from a foundation
Of beauty,  my gaze is in contrition
For those who live devoid of love.
Leave, like, live, lively, longing to love …

As each child, man, and woman need a hive
To promote, programing all with reverence.
A need to bathe in the certitude of being
Cocooned and cherished for just existing.

With each caress, word, gaze, request,
You’re inundated with warmth that’s best
Given in daily doses, so as not to fall
Into depression that’ll turn you into a ball.


Ode to Indigenous Women

Who are our greatest victims?

Our native women’s rapes?

Over half a century ago,

Their children were of age to

Be abused and killed

Then buried and abandoned.

Abandoned but not forgetting

As parents went unknowing 

Of their fates and kept hoping …

Their faith in governments

That oppressed them and forsakes

Their loved one’s destinies

That are only excavated on pleas …

And demands for knowledge 

Of their kismet to be able to judge,

Whether to move on, or …

Stay in Limbo’s nescience for 

Their needs are trivialized,

While others’ are optimized…

What’s needed to achieve equality

In attaining justice for all humanity

And not only a minority?

In honor of international women’s day against violence. This is only a part of all the violence that occurs against women in the world. Here’s to hoping for an elimination of such practices.



Soft lips murmur mostly
Love words that revel in a list
Of muffled sounds that greatly
Impact your softened heart.

Let the soft caresses linger
On the shell of your ear, jaw, cheek,
Chin, and plant a loving kiss per
Lip laying homage and creating a spark.

The electricity or chemistry starts
The love that deepens with decades passing
While building on the flashes
That began the journey to loving.