He calls me angel,
Who gave him another three,
Two girls balanced by a boy,
Whose hearts are intertwined
And need greater space than a tiny heart.



Love, loved, lover, lovely

Over abundance of being emotionally

Viscerally compassionate that strongly

Evolves as your love grows exponentially.

Be kind to yourself

Motivate your own growth with stealth,

Don’t let vanity be your wealth

But rather empathy becomes your breath.


Cupid’s Valentine

The month of love and adoration

Is the shortest one of all!

Not all happiness can be packed into its summation,

Short, though it is, it’s effects are a ball!

In its center, couples celebrate their love,

As if, you only praise your unity then!

And every other day falls short of its possessive

Hold on your cheery life filled only with a pen.

The one you use to organize your life,

Strategize your next goal, perfect compassion

That leads to compromise and less strife,

While dissent and enmity to envy’s fashion.

Duty and love are two sides of a coin,

Where duty can choke the life out of veneration

As it stomps out the cheer from your conjoin.