My interview about my book, Perfectly Flawed, with Kate Delaney

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Trapped Humanity

Exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed.

Outside,  the sun is shining brightly, but within
The window, where the air is stale from fear of pain
Everyone seems to be hiding behind squares of glass
Letting life pass them by as their isolation presses
Down on their sanity, and cabin fever rises.


Out of Time

Time, the b-ch, that slips through any wisps,
Takes away your joyous loves
Of the wander that the present presents.

Exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed



Unity needing solidarity, equality of sexes,
Races, and religious beliefs
Needs compromise,  and setting of pride aside
Letting devotion to home, country, and family
Lift you above all that is petty.

Exert from my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed. Available at ebook retailers, iTunes, kobo, Kindle,,

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BLM movement

(Exert from the poem, Power to The People, PerfectlyFlawed (My eBook on Amazon, Nook, iTunes, and Google Books, as well as paperback and hardcover) by Malak klamoni Chehab)

To promote healthy relationships among family,
Friends, peers, colleagues, and everyone else who try
To help in the development of each individual
child’s character who needs everyone’s support
To feel safe to express his/her emotions
And beliefs freely without enduring oppositions
That are degrading, demeaning, or destructive.


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Crumbly Country

Exert from my book, Perfectly Flawed

What of the ordinary man whose livelihood
Was stolen away? What of his family?  Blood,
Sweat, gore, stress, unimaginable fear
Drive his motivation to strive to survive maugre,
While he takes the brunt of the consequences of his leaders.

Social critique

My interview with SMLiterature magazine

I was very excited when SM Literature magazine reached out to me for an interview. I hope my answers will motivate your curiosity into reading my book, Perfectly Flawed.


Interview with Mary Donahue

I’m being interviewed about my poetry book, Perfectly Flawed, live tonight between 9pm and midnight! You can hear the interview on the link below:

I hope you enjoy the book!


Meet Me Halfway

I’ve perhaps done a lot of things halfway,
Gave up, and moved away rather than fight the fray.
Why do we give up when home is but a minute away?
Doesn’t it’s security call to us from far away?

(Exert from, PerfectlyFlawed)