Work, work, work,
Workers buzzing like bees in fields,
Running, squatting, cutting, sewing,
Hammering, excavating, rushing.

Always hurrying to meeting
Deadlines and never seeming
To have time to be smelling
The silent burgeoning flowering
That sprout quietly without your noticing.

Beauty sneaks up on you while
You’re worried what comes next in vile
Humanity’s constant vocational
Need to be doing instead of contemplate
The importance of just faith and being.

Harrowing are your days
Of scurrying around in many ways
Trying to achieve a goal that’s always
Too far a ways.

Slow down,
Let your mind be a clown,
Laugh up a storm on your own,
And have your imagination blown!


Flowers for Moi!

Me, myself, and I

Received these beauties!

The colors are rejuvenating,

The smell is precious,

The thought, sender, is stupendous.

A flower has the power

Never to cower

But to spread its petals, languorous.

Its infinite patience glamorous.

Its fragility’s nothing short of faithful,

Its colors vibrant and bashful,

While its scent lodges in your mind.

Knowing memories are easier to find.

Creating and sending such a bunch

Is always a thoughtful hunch.


Temple of Love

As love grows from a foundation
Of beauty,  my gaze is in contrition
For those who live devoid of love.
Leave, like, live, lively, longing to love …

As each child, man, and woman need a hive
To promote, programing all with reverence.
A need to bathe in the certitude of being
Cocooned and cherished for just existing.

With each caress, word, gaze, request,
You’re inundated with warmth that’s best
Given in daily doses, so as not to fall
Into depression that’ll turn you into a ball.



Soft lips murmur mostly
Love words that revel in a list
Of muffled sounds that greatly
Impact your softened heart.

Let the soft caresses linger
On the shell of your ear, jaw, cheek,
Chin, and plant a loving kiss per
Lip laying homage and creating a spark.

The electricity or chemistry starts
The love that deepens with decades passing
While building on the flashes
That began the journey to loving.


Halloween Haiku

Scary homes with skeletons
Swinging from trees
Waving scarily in the breeze.


Fall colors

Fall Sunset

The flaming sun burnishes the sky

With reds and oranges

Spilling over tree tops

Like a flame of life; Let go and Fly!


Appreciation certificate from United Poets @Heart

For my Fibonacci poem, Lone


Boy, shy
Tries making
A friend flying
Into the unknown,
Lonely. One. Loneliest
Number ever. It tests hardest
When you’re surrounded by familys’
Best, whose envy alienates you farthest.

Standing alone with a whirring world
That’s confusing, struggling blind,
Into unknowns that surround,
Bind your moves. Loud
Is the thunder around
That drowns bad



The sun and moon have an understanding

Neither takes over the other by encroaching

On their exact time. Play their lullaby while boasing.


Prickly Rose

The thorn in the rose rose
To prick and pick the pose
Of the stone staying style
Of bone that bosses boys
From tome to tome to
Cover conversations in cold
Winter storms that hinder the hearer
From accepting and acknowledging
Avarice that alienates avowels
Of loyalty, love, and lies
That embue endless enmity.


Behind the Door

In a world where silence
Is a luxury at the core
Grab the peace
Where there’s only violence at the door.

How do you hold onto it?
How do you keep it, or
Stay sane in a fit
Where chaos is always at the door?