Fall colors

Fall Sunset

The flaming sun burnishes the sky

With reds and oranges

Spilling over tree tops

Like a flame of life; Let go and Fly!


Appreciation certificate from United Poets @Heart

For my Fibonacci poem, Lone


Boy, shy
Tries making
A friend flying
Into the unknown,
Lonely. One. Loneliest
Number ever. It tests hardest
When you’re surrounded by familys’
Best, whose envy alienates you farthest.

Standing alone with a whirring world
That’s confusing, struggling blind,
Into unknowns that surround,
Bind your moves. Loud
Is the thunder around
That drowns bad



The sun and moon have an understanding

Neither takes over the other by encroaching

On their exact time. Play their lullaby while boasing.


Prickly Rose

The thorn in the rose rose
To prick and pick the pose
Of the stone staying style
Of bone that bosses boys
From tome to tome to
Cover conversations in cold
Winter storms that hinder the hearer
From accepting and acknowledging
Avarice that alienates avowels
Of loyalty, love, and lies
That embue endless enmity.


Behind the Door

In a world where silence
Is a luxury at the core
Grab the peace
Where there’s only violence at the door.

How do you hold onto it?
How do you keep it, or
Stay sane in a fit
Where chaos is always at the door?


Moon 🌙

By the harvest moon

The lover’s moon reaches out,

Only to swoon

At the alter of harvest being picked out.

In a bout, the moons collide

The lover imposes its power

Fully intending to win and bide

His time to overpower such wonder.

As the lover reigns

The harvest gains, through pains of

The glory of feeding, with grains,

The world that’s exploding in a bluff.


Life’s Vain

Life is sometimes a Strain

But you live life as a speedy Train

That leaves you breathless in the Rain.

Don’t let people lead you to Stray

From your path, that’s like a Tray

Whose definative shape is sun’s Ray.

Don’t try to Explain

To people what’s Plain

For they’ve put their heads down and Lain.


Books Lover Day

Those of you, like me, who love books, they’ve taken a day out of the year specifically to celebrate our erudite natures. Books are my friends and confidants. They help me overcome difficulties by creating a world that’s simpler, where most rules are applicable, and most importantly, where imagination has free reign to soar.

Below is just a double acrostic poem about this special day!

Buying books isn’t for the weak, who falL

On their faces for their lack of imagination tO

Overcome life’s problems with luV,

Keen on transcending thE

Secrets of being a book buyeR

By: Malak Kalmoni Chehab


Dear Diary,

As the keeper of my secrets,

I need to confess my troubles.

I run around trying to please everyone And seem to end up alone!

As if by indulging others’ needs before mine,

I relegate my own happiness into a dark mine.

In it, the gloominess of the ambience

Is oppressive, comfortless, and has no patience.

As I squabble with my inner demons,

And my supererogation drowns my angels’ voices,

I notice that angels are a happy lot,

Who empower the self and never forgot

That there’s a price to pay for sacrificing For others, but it doesn’t need to be self-defeating.

No, no, no, and once more, no!

By helping others, you aren’t weak to

Assert your endowments to achieve

Your wishes without being demeaning,

Rather, you can help others believe

Not only in themselves, but in You.


Cowardly Courage

“Man has it all in his hands, and it all slips through his fingers from sheer cowardice.” Fyodor Dostoevsky

To be a coward,

One must:

Fear being changed,

Fear loving it,

Fear beauty,

Fear being hopeful,

Fear the inspirational,

Fear of being an individual,

Fear of being assertive,

Fear of being humane,

Fear of being disruptive,

Fear of being positive.

When all is locked in a chest,

How can you break its best

From solid bonds that need a rest?

Take pride in ‘you’, the ‘person’,

Have faith in yourself and press on,

Knowing that what’s right will live on!