Live in Love

Red roses for love and passion

Candles for creating an ambiance for love

Chocolate and candy to show its sweetness

Swans’ necks form a heart of love

Pigeons are for fidelity, longevity, peace

What other symbols do you need for objects of fondness.

What are mine, yours? Are they the same?

I believe each of us has one or more that are uniquely

Ours. We cherish them as though, thoroughly

Loved, like a person or pet, we pamper them,

Talk, complain, vent, and play with them,

As though animate, alive, aware, awesome,

And astonish in its silence and peace.

Those objects of love become our lifeline

To better, younger, simpler days where time,

And responsibilities were minimal, a line

To laughter, languishing, loving, incorporating

All we love into simplicity and caring!!!!


Chaos: Resist!

Chaos reigns! Darkness jumbled into rocks, falls!

Stumbles into larger and harder obstacles,

Obstructing your movements, slowing you downs.

Light creeps through the darkened shroud

Illuminating a tiny pinpoint at first, but the growth

Waits, suspended into increasing the spotlight

Into a much larger area, bathing it in its warmth,

And increasing its periphery to encompasse

The world in a loving balm upon your chaotic soul.

If you look back far enough, you will see chaos,

Fire, destruction, ruin, devastation running,

Bounding up into your mind, trying to drown

Out logic, light, live, love, and the brightness

Of acceptance that dark and light coexists

In all. It’s their sparring, their wounds,

Their journey to your need for lights

Belief in the existence of something betters

That drives you to make a move towards order.


Winter Wonders

Winter has finally set in!!!!

Snow covers the grounds, while you fall in.

Next day, ice sets in!

It crunches under your heals, as you’re thrown in

The icy weather that blankets the ground to win.

The icy wonderland whites and crystals reign

As we tobogan, having fun, again.

And as always, on your way home, you watch the plane

Flying passengers to the warmth of the sun.

My heart says: ‘Never again!’

‘Shall I pass this road without the wonder

Of flight and drizzle following my thunder.

I reach for its boisterous boom, all aflutter,

Hoping that with each step I learn about myself and the other.

The best knowledge to impart is to always be kinder.

Kind towards others,

Loving to family,

Respectful to colleagues and strangers,

Honest with yourself, fully

Understanding yourself and the need for your piety.