Eid Mubarak

Yes it’s a sheep, wishing you all a great festive Eid with your loved ones. Don’t let a single day pass by without joy, faith, and love in your day.

If you’re asking why a sheep? The answer is that on the day of Eid, people who can usually give meat to the poor.



Short; I’ve learned that life is too short,
What are the necessities of such a sport?

Live, live, little by little,  enjoy it all,
Your childhood,  youth, adulthood,  cycled circle

Of flaws that turn into strengths
That raise you up to a pinnacle of breaths

That feel uniquely important for you not to fall.
The abyss below can be a starkly black ball,

Or a bright sunny day filled with fun and play.
Enjoy the rainbows that come after a rainy day.

Those days are infrequent,  transient,
And easily missed if you’re mired in your own dejected

Despair, whose darkness can’t be pierced
By the frivolity, fun, smiles, laughter of  living and dead.

Don’t,  don’t let that despair put you down,
Scare it away with your strength of will!!!!


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