Appreciation and Acceptance

What’s something most people don’t understand?

With the social media promoting pleasure, sexual, alcohol, and drugs, there seems to be a move away from appreciation of what one has; but rather, they look above their finances to the stars, who seem to have more. Is the more they have make them happy? Not according to their social media or the gossiping mongers! That leads people to reject their socio-eco-racial standing and wishing for more. Ambition is a great thing to have, as long as it doesn’t get poisoned by greed and envy. Unfortunately, with the way social media and marketing are set up, people are looking to achieve things easily without putting in the effort of hard work.

Appreciation and acceptance of what one has is missing in people, and their drive for self-improvement is stalled by their own need for pleasure and emulating others.

By Malakkc

I'm a Canadian whose life has been interesting as I've lived in Developing countries and here. The contrast of law, order, and amenities available to us Canadians (which we take for granted, sometimes) to war torn civil wars is enormous. It leaves an influence upon the soul that cries out for justice. My poetry and writing reflect that and more.

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