How a person carries themselve

Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

The way a person carries themselves is a great indicator of their uniqueness. Their confidence shows in their stride, while their eyes give you access to their character and faith. A person’s walk can also create respect for personal space, show respect to others with a little bow, and show they need help with a slight limp. As for the eyes, their shine attracts others into conversations, open up side bars, give an opinion- without speaking-, and sparkle more when laugher is needed to help break the ice.

By Malakkc

I'm a Canadian whose life has been interesting as I've lived in Developing countries and here. The contrast of law, order, and amenities available to us Canadians (which we take for granted, sometimes) to war torn civil wars is enormous. It leaves an influence upon the soul that cries out for justice. My poetry and writing reflect that and more.

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