End of Vacation!

At the Beirut airport waiting for my flight home to Canada. The joy of family is incomparable to anything else in life. For each family member, know how to be you without being a follower to their lead.

Fantastic fun, fuming, following, friend

Amble, autonomous, artistic, amazing

Marvelous, mean, mentor, meteoric

Imposing, impossible, incredible

Love, laughing, lying, liberty

Yap, yawn, yell, yuck, yonder.



I’m on vacation for the first time in almost 4 years. Finally, I’m visiting my hometown and feeling extremely emotional about uniting with family and friends. Covid created a social anxiety about connecting with people that it’s been over 3 years that I haven’t seen them, especially with me living across the ocean in Canada, and they live in Lebanon!

The best thing about visiting home is seeing those you’ve missed, and the difference in the city itself: new shops, restaurants, cafes and more. The beauty of the sea at sunset, smells, and sounds that I associate with home: blaring horns, nerve-racking breaking sounds, sirens, and gun shots.