Timely Moon

Moon, moon, moon,
Rise! Rise! Rise, asking for a boon!

Look up into the lover’s moon,
Its shiny disc sneakily covers a heady
Darkening sky, envading its gloomy melancholy.

Strip the colorless night,
Let its beauty shine and fight
Against its enveloping burdens and light
The heavens with the flamboyance of flight.

Right or wrong, the prodigal
Moon rises, illuminates its methodological
Muse, news, knowledge, that are all in a chronical
That recites events, times, and all epidemiological
Situations that alienate all that’s human and emotional.

The time of night is now!
Fill it with dreams that ever flow!
With perseverance, time that’ll have them landing in a glow.

By Malakkc

I'm a Canadian whose life has been interesting as I've lived in Developing countries and here. The contrast of law, order, and amenities available to us Canadians (which we take for granted, sometimes) to war torn civil wars is enormous. It leaves an influence upon the soul that cries out for justice. My poetry and writing reflect that and more.

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