Lightning Dreams

A poem read by Malak Kalmoni Chehab from her poetry book, Perfectly Flawed.

It’s about fearing one’s ability to achieve dreams, but the fear is the motivator to hard work and success.


Making a Wish

Wishing upon a star trying not to fly too far,

Throwing a penny in a well as someone fell,

Wishing on the first full moon trying not to swoon,

Wishing on the turkey’s wish bone trying not to choke,

Catching a falling leaf and wishing on its fall,

Wishing on the eyelash stuck on your scarred face.

So many ways to make a wish, yet none

Imply the necessity for hard work or condone

The wonder and satisfaction that comes from

Being diligent, industrious, and creative proving that none

Can surpass humanity’s ingenuity wherever they come from.