Have a siesta!

How do you balance work and home life?

As a teacher, after the day ends, I need time to recover my patience for my kids, so siesta! Yes, archaic, traditional, maybe, but it actually works. After waking up, I feel rejuvenated enough to be able to help my kids with their work with enough patience, I hope! My time was pretty much divided into early morning with kids and sandwiches for kids, school, home, eat, siesta, teach, make dinner, kids sleep, then time for my husband and lesson plans/ correcting tests.

The best way to keep the balance going is to make sure you spend quality time with each family member. This makes sure you are still connected to them, although your time is limited. Communication is a key component to creating that balance.

By Malakkc

I'm a Canadian whose life has been interesting as I've lived in Developing countries and here. The contrast of law, order, and amenities available to us Canadians (which we take for granted, sometimes) to war torn civil wars is enormous. It leaves an influence upon the soul that cries out for justice. My poetry and writing reflect that and more.

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