What’s the most fun way to exercise?

The best way to exercise is to do so with someone who will be encouraging, loving, and supportive. That way, your initiative for doing something ‘healthy’ will feel like fun rather than a chore. I love exercising in the sun, where its rays rejuvenate my ability to cope with a world that has taken things to extremes.

Exercise is movement Xed by a complacent mind Eagerly trying to veg Remembering movement only Cements your biological needs Implying a sedentary life Serving only yourself to Ever believe that exercise is balance for life.

Acrostic poem on Exercise!

By Malakkc

I'm a Canadian whose life has been interesting as I've lived in Developing countries and here. The contrast of law, order, and amenities available to us Canadians (which we take for granted, sometimes) to war torn civil wars is enormous. It leaves an influence upon the soul that cries out for justice. My poetry and writing reflect that and more.

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