Insatiably Fair

Insatiable faith is soothing,
As you’re centered to blossoming
Your beliefs into trees whose rooting

Needs are coupled with everything
That’s embued with strength, and holding
Knowledge, that’s irrefutably humbling.

The older the trees, cedar, pine, birch,
Western red cedar, white spruce, red oak, all filtch
Your vision with their hued colors, that stitch

Your heart into nature’s aesthetic
That winds, like the live roots, in bucolic
Wonder, as you’re rooted in awe of the beatific.

These trees, lungs of the earth, tremble
And fall when cut, to make room for buildable
Cities for humanity’s life, that’s indomitable.

As man disembows the earth of air,
He’s also on a journey of self-destruction that’s pair
With his faith, nature, ancestry, and a flair
For annihilation of all that’s fair.