Golden Conversation!!!!

Social media galore!!!
Followers,  likes, hearts and all kinds of emojis,
All replacing the need to talk, discuss,  argues
Verbally, using the cues and manners
That seem to be dying out. Leaving a glare
In our self-esteem, that’s attached to all ‘likes’.

Our self perception is anchored around social apps,
Where bullying has invaded its platforms,
Turning the world right side up in its morals.
Where before good deeds and soft spoken talks
Were revered by the young, today, they seem
To vilify and demean those older and wiser.
They no longer feel that wisdom comes with experience
And can be subjugated into silence by their disapproval.

Teach, assimilate, and adapt speaking and communication
Into your daily life’s schedule.  Make it a sacred
Time, that practices, speaking cues and mannered
Lifestyles for better understanding of self and others.
Make sure you have an outlet for your emotions
With family or friends who accept who you are!!!

By: Malak K. Chehab