Chaos: Resist!

Chaos reigns! Darkness jumbled into rocks, falls!

Stumbles into larger and harder obstacles,

Obstructing your movements, slowing you downs.

Light creeps through the darkened shroud

Illuminating a tiny pinpoint at first, but the growth

Waits, suspended into increasing the spotlight

Into a much larger area, bathing it in its warmth,

And increasing its periphery to encompasse

The world in a loving balm upon your chaotic soul.

If you look back far enough, you will see chaos,

Fire, destruction, ruin, devastation running,

Bounding up into your mind, trying to drown

Out logic, light, live, love, and the brightness

Of acceptance that dark and light coexists

In all. It’s their sparring, their wounds,

Their journey to your need for lights

Belief in the existence of something betters

That drives you to make a move towards order.

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