Crumbly Country

Boooooom! Blast, break, bleak black clouds

Burst out in flames and shockwaves that

Envelope the Beirut port in a strong explosive sound

That hurtles people, cars, buildings, trucks

Into a black crater of deadly grounds,

That shakes and trembles for hundreds of miles.

The vigor of the blast was felt across the seas

Into Cyprus, and all over the Lebanese territories.

The mushroom cloud that engulfed the areas

Is deadly with nitrite gases, poisonous to man’s Health.

Hospitals destroyed, all in crumble,

People are missing under the rubble;

Rescuers blown to smithereens by the detonation

That swamped our senses with smoky fog,

Fires, debris, toxic air, unbearable to breathe,

Burning bodies and lungs undiscriminatly.

Where is the justice that absolves politicians

Of their responsibilities towards a people’s

Whose entire existence is a matter of pure survivals.

They don’t have the luxury of wondering where to vacation,

They have worries aplenty, electricity, running water,

Gas, their next meal, and how to provide all for

Their families who’ve endured wars, diaspora,

Degredation, class inequality, religious sectarianisms,

And the fall of value of their currency,

Not forgetting to mention the banks won’t let

People access their own money for their survival.

The disparity between the political class and all others

Is so large that they can never meet.

What of the ordinary man whose livelihood

Was stolen away? What of his family? Blood,

Sweat, gore, stress, unimaginable fear

Drive his motivation to strive to survive maugre

Taking the brunt of the consequences of his leaders.

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