Beauty of the Fall

Cool breezes abound,

Leaves change color and found

The colors of the sun, haralding

The advent of the false dawn of autumn.

The dawn, whose first colors embedded hope,

Are as varied and brilliant as the sun.

They rope Your attention by their vivid accouterments,

That are halos upon branches and bushes.

As the autumn’s coldness increases, its false dawn

Dissappears with the colored leaves that fawn

Around the ground, creating shapes and dunes

That can be seen from afar. Antlers of firy reds

Breathe life into clouds of deer cheerfully

Grazing on autumn’s false dawn, fully

Aware that the cold beauty that comes next

Is just different in its shapes and colors.

A false dawn might feel depressing at times,

But, always look forward to changing scenes,

That imprint appreciation, perspective, love, beliefs

That harten the heart with a wealth of love and selftrust.

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